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Is Your Teen Ready for Contacts?

August 1 2021

Is your teenager asking for contacts? These can be tricky waters to navigate. Contacts are very popular with teens. In fact, there are over 4 million contacts wearers under the age of 18. However, it’s important to realize that contacts are medical devices, not fashion accessories. Using them improperly can lead to serious ramifications, up to and including vision loss. A Marysville, WA eye doctor offers some advice on this below.


Kids all mature differently, so there’s no one specific age when contacts become appropriate. Keep in mind that the teen years are a difficult, turbulent time for many. Even responsible kids can get careless or make impulsive decisions. Our advice? Consider your teen’s overall behavior and level of maturity. If you constantly have to remind them to clean their room or do their homework, you’ll need to closely monitor their contact care as well.


Contacts do have some clear benefits over glasses. For one thing, teens often feel more confident with contacts than glasses. Contacts are also a great option for kids that are involved in sports. Plus, they offer better peripheral vision than glasses, which is helpful for driving. Finally, they also can be quite budget-friendly.


This really is the big concern. Improper use can cause serious–and sometimes permanent–eye damage. Leaving lenses in too long, failing to clean them properly, and using them beyond their expiration date are all very dangerous … and are exactly the types of things a careless teen might do.

Colored Contacts

Teens often love the idea of changing their eye color. It’s fun to play with styles and looks this way. You may find colored contacts sold as fashion accessories in stores, but be careful: these may not be safe. Only purchase eyewear through licensed eye care professionals.


Daily disposables can be a great option for teens. These are thrown away daily, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning or storing them. Plus, your child’s eyes will be able to breathe naturally at night, which is very important.


At the end of the day, choosing whether or not to get your teen contacts is a big decision, and one to think carefully about. Ask your eye doctor for specific information, including details on benefits and risks, types of contacts, and pros and cons of contacts vs. glasses.

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