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Who We Are

It started with a postcard. Followed by a stranger’s comment. And an extraordinarily strong calling.

Back in 2014, we had everything we needed in California. We were established in our professions and owned what we thought was our forever home. We had friends and family around us and knew the city we had grown up in, inside and out. We were living a very comfortable life. 

That all began to change when I received a postcard about a job interview in Seattle that Thanksgiving holiday. I had briefly considered taking up the offer, but did not want to upend the stable, comfortable life we had built. So I put the postcard aside.

The next night we attended a friend’s Bible Study, during which one of the members pointed to my husband Jim and I and said: “I don’t know who this couple is, nor have I ever seen them until tonight, but I have this strong feeling that they are being called for something more and somewhere farther away. Their home will always be here, but their ‘ship’ will need to sail away from the harbor.” 

After that night, we prayed and considered if it was something we should do. Neither of us had ever felt this strong of a “pull” to do something like we suddenly felt. But I knew that if we did move, we would not be able to move back to California due to cost. I also knew that I would have to give up my dream of leasing my own Costco practice, since I would be leaving the network that I had worked hard to build for a number of years. Jim would also have to step down from his manager position at Costco without another job lined up in Washington. 

We stepped out in faith and decided to go for it. In late 2014, I was offered the opportunity to lease two practices in the Puyallup area which would need to be opened by mid-February. We put the house up for sale in the first week of January 2015, and despite the poor housing market, it sold in one week. 

By the start of February 2015, we had officially moved to Washington. I opened the two practices, which in the long run did not fare well financially and dramatically changed our lifestyle from what we had in California. We suddenly went from abundance to living paycheck to paycheck. Around that same time we got the news that my younger sister and only sibling had been diagnosed with a rare brain tumor. 

There we were – a sick sister, two floundering practices, and a budget stretched frustratingly thin. The people around us thought that, given the circumstances, we would be moving back to California. But the church we had just begun to attend encouraged us by saying, “God didn’t bring you all the way up here just to abandon you. Hang tight.”

So, we did just that. Then I got an email from Costco Corporation asking if I was interested in a lease. The same Costco lease that I worked over eight years to get while in California. The dream I thought I had given up by moving to Washington. Eight months after we decided to take that leap of faith, I was offered a lease for the Costco in Marysville. By September 2015, we had moved again – from Puyallup to Marysville, and opened the practice in the last week of that month.

We dedicated this practice to God. It is our way of serving Him – by serving others. Our core practice values are centered on this. We decided on the name Grandview because of our journey. If you trust God and step out in faith to follow His calling, you will be amazed at how grand a view He will give you in your life. 

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