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Our Reviews

“My eye exams done at Grandview always give me a sense of security as the screening tests provided by their advanced equipment provides a comprehensive picture of the health of my eyes. Dr Cortes is always able to explain to me what needs to be done in addition to having an accurate measurements.”

Gic P.

“I was introduced to Dr. Grace Cortes by some really great friends and have been going to her for about 5 years. She is knowledgeable, answers all my questions and makes appointments relaxed and fun.  A few months ago she highly recommended I see a specialist for a growth on my eyelid, I took her advice and the specialist was knowledgeable and great at what she did…she removed the growth. I am so grateful for Dr. Cortes’s referral and that she knew a specialist who would do as great of work as she does. I highly recommend Dr. Cortes for your whole family’s eye care needs.”

Sheli K.

“Dr. Cortes was my optometrist who helped get my lasik done. Although she wasn’t the one who performed my surgery, she was the one who handled my pre-prop and post-op visits. She was my point of contact on everything related to my eyes which was a huge relief because I had built up a lot of anxiety going to get this procedure done. She was calm and collected and she assured me of my lasik doctor’s abilities, even went so far as to say “if I didn’t trust him, I wouldn’t be referring you to him.” She was there every step of the way, even called me the day after my surgery just to check how I was healing. That level of confidence and care in Dr. Cortes is what makes her great. I continued seeing her each year after my lasik was completed up until the year she left to open her own practice out of state. I would be going to her still if she had not relocated. Dr. Cortes raised the bar, one of which my current optometrist fails to meet. Knowing that she set up a practice means that she doesn’t plan on coming back to California which sucks for me, but I wish her all the best!”

Timothy R.

“It would be easy for me to say that Dr. Cortes was good at her job, a professional who is quick at diagnosing your eyes and giving you a prescription so that you can go about your busy day. But that would be an injustice to her because she is more than that, she is personable too, which sets her apart from other doctors in her field. I’ve had my share of doctors, either working with them or being diagnosed by them and what makes Dr. Cortes different is that she takes on the patient’s symptoms as if they were her own and it seems that’s what drives her to find a diagnosis. Dr. Cortes had been my eye doctor during her time in California and I was disappointed to hear that she was leaving for Washington state to open up her own practice. I appreciated the quality of care that she gave during the times I saw her, and to find out the name of her practice? It’s so fitting for her personality… Grandview!”

Arlene A.

“Bad experience during eye exams in my teen years led me to have anxiety with each eye exam. The doctors and staff at Grandview Optometry were patient and compassionate in dealing with my issues . Family history of diabetes and glaucoma also compounded my anxiety. Yes, I have great fear of going blind as I was told I would during those teen years. I am thankful that Grandview has what they call Optos imagining to keep track of my retina, my eye pressure and all those other eye problems as I grow older each year.. Very comprehensive eye exam. Very reassuring. I highly recommend Grandview Optometry.”

Jean S.