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Common Eye Care Mistakes to Avoid

The eyes are two of the hardest-working organs in the body. From the time you…
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Is SMILE Less Invasive Than LASIK Eye Surgery?

  Wearing glasses day-in and day-out can be cumbersome when nearsightedness leaves you with few…
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4 Signs of Serious Eye Problems

For every waking moment, your eyes work nonstop, converting light and data into images your…
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How Is Myopia Treated for Kids?

If you notice your child squints when reading or sits really close to the TV…
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Is Dry Eyes a Serious Condition?

If you have dry eyes you know how irritating it can be. And if you’re…
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What Is Retinal Detachment?

Your sense of sight relies on a complex network of delicate structures that make up…
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contact lenses and glasses

Are There Special Contacts for Astigmatism?

For people who have astigmatism, finding contact lenses that feel comfortable and fit right can…
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Relief for Dry Eyes Sufferers -Scleral Contact Lenses

With digital devices being all the rage today, more and more people experience dry eyes…
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Refractive Lens Exchange for Age-Related Vision Loss – How Does It Work?

The aging process affects your eyes just as much as it affects the rest of…
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