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Reasons to Have Your Eyes Examined

July 15 2021

Has it been a while since you’ve had your eyes checked? Have you been putting off making an appointment? We know, going to the eye doctor – or any other medical facility—may not be your favorite way to spend an afternoon. However, the benefits far, far outweigh any drawbacks. Here, a Lake Stevens, WA optometrist lists some reasons to get your eyes checked regularly.

Asymptomatic Issues

Many people don’t realize that several serious eye conditions have few—or even no—symptoms at first. Glaucoma, for instance, often goes unnoticed in its early stages, but is actually a leading cause of blindness. Your eye doctor will be able to screen you for a variety of problems that you otherwise may not have become aware of until the issue had really progressed.

Early Detection

Most people should come in at least every other year. However, some people need more frequent visits. As you age, you may start noticing your vision degenerating. It’s always beneficial to stay on top of issues, and ensure that you’re taking the proper steps to protect your vision. Letting something go could lead to permanent damage that otherwise could have been avoided!

Stay Up-To-Date With Options

Science and medicine are progressing in leaps and bounds these days. Every year, there are new designs and improvements in eyewear. Ortho-K contacts, for example, have really taken off recently. You may find new or improved products and/or treatments that weren’t available at the time of your last appointment.

Get Current

As we all know, much of 2020 was derailed by the coronavirus. This led to people putting off wellness care basics, such as eye exams and dental appointments. You only have one pair of eyes, so it really is important that you do everything you can to keep them healthy!

Vision Changes

Your vision will change as you grow older. Even if you think your current prescription is still okay, you may be surprised at how much better you see with an adjustment.

A New Look

If you wear glasses, and you haven’t gotten new ones for a while, you’re probably due for a new pair. There are some absolutely stunning frames available now. Giving your eyes a makeover can have a drastic effect on your appearance.

As your local Lake Stevens, WA eye care clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. We’re always happy to see you!

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